Are your maps accessible to everyone that needs them? Let the world come to your website: quick and affordable solutions to display maps .

Fully customized web map: Interactive maps showing routes, navigation, information about weather, location of visitors, landmarks, and more.


Interactive web maps with many features

- SmartGeoWeb provides the standard functionality of the ready made tools of google maps, along with the custom functions requested by the customer.

- Store Locator.

- Give us a worksheet of addresses and we will deliver a fully functional map that you can embed in your web page.

- Calcuadora of Area and Distance.

Interactive maps of greater demand among our clients, include:

-Integration of GoogleMaps Api to display maps embedded on the web.

-Web map of postal codes

- Administrative Sections, Census, and land registry Maps.

-Digital world maps at different levels of detail.

-Street maps.

On the basis of these web maps, project data provided by the customer (according to the objective that has been marked) which allows us to visualize the data in geo-spatial context.

Some data that we integrate are:

-Data at European level of postal codes and others.

-Data from public sources.

-Databases provided by customers in any format.


Allow users to do more than just view the map

Unlock and discover the details behind the map with a simple click, search or query a database.

Maps can be used from any device accessible from the web: computer, mobile or tablet.

Make your maps public or restrict access, keep control of who sees the maps.

Positioning of the display of the map based on the IP address of the visitor.

KML support and layers of navigation (GPX).

Based on OpenStreetMap routing service.

Overlay KML, GPX.




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