Are your maps accessible to everyone that needs them? Let the world come to your website: quick and affordable solutions to display maps .

Fully customized web map: Interactive maps showing routes, navigation, information about weather, location of visitors, landmarks, and more.

Geomarketing is seen today as a new revolution in modern marketing

"Born of the confluence of marketing and geography, [geomarketing] allows us to analyse the situation of a business through the exact location of customers, points of sale, branches, competition, locating them on a digital or printed map through symbols and custom colors." (Source:Wikipedia)

Google Earth Engine 'democratizes' the use of satellital images. It allows to multiply Earth imagery data with less cost: a great tool for developing countries.

"Today a satellital study of forests can be done just the same at the MIT than in Burkina Faso". The Forester of FAO Danilo Mollicone phrase gives an idea of the impact of democratization in the use of remote sensing by satellite. "Right now, anyone with a computer and a minimum training can exploit its potential", says David Thau one responsible for Google Earth Engine, the technology that has allowed this opening. And the possible uses seem almost infinite: control and prevention of deforestation, pests and diseases, illegal fishing...

Passion. In SmartGeoWeb we do what really excites us: websites and interactive maps.

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