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Interactive Maps

Are your maps accessible to everyone that needs them? Let the world come to your website: quick and affordable solutions to display maps .

Fully customized web map: Interactive maps showing routes, navigation, information about weather, location of visitors, landmarks, and more.

GIS Consulting

SmartGeoWeb GIS Consultants will help you in all the steps of the process to develop your GIS projects.

As a first step we will review the data you have and help you make the most of them, according to the objectives of your organization. We will be with you at each step of the software implementation, taking care this transition process it´s integreted seamlessly within your regular organization.

What is a Geographical Information System (GIS)?

90% of everything a business does, it´s done "somewhere". Geographical Information Systems offer us a way to effectively collect, store, analyse and present, in a clear and attractive way, spatial data from the real world.

If you have ever used your mobile phone to search for a restaurant or a route to an address, you've already used GIS at a basic level. For end users, a Geographical Information System is a tool that allows you to make informed decisions.


Geomarketing is seen today as a new revolution in modern marketing

"Born of the confluence of marketing and geography, [geomarketing] allows us to analyse the situation of a business through the exact location of customers, points of sale, branches, competition, locating them on a digital or printed map through symbols and custom colors." (Source:Wikipedia)

A landing page is a page within a website that is not accessible through the classic navigation menus of any site, but we land on it after clicking on an external link. Is characterized by a single goal: achieve the user to perform a certain action desired by the advertiser.


On the other hand, a landing page is much more focused to get contact information from customers. Since landing pages are not optimized for SEO, normally a landing page can be reached via:

-Sponsored ads or pay per click (PPC) using Google Adwords to re-direct the user form the advertisement directly to this landing page.

-The use of QR codes

-By sending newsletters.

Is very important that if the user must fill a form to respond to the call to the action you only ask for essential easy information.

Is a microsite the same as a landing page?

A microsite, also known as minisite or weblet, is a single web page or a handful of pages, which are intended to function as semi-independent pages of an existing website or to complement offline activity. The microsite can have its own domain name or subdomain.

The usefulness of a microsite can be explanatory, promotional or a way for small businesses and freelancers to expand its customer base.

At SmartGeoWeb we take advantage of the businesses advantages offered by a microsite by recommending our customers to use a powerful and dynamic design mostly made up of multimedia content that keep the user focused.

E-commerce: online shops or virtual shops

Do you want an online store that you can manage yourself easily?

Design of fully personalized online stores, adapted to the image and type of products of our customers.

With over 50 million downloads, Joomla! is the world´s most popular Content Manager due to its scalability and ease of use

In Spain more than 60% of the websites that use content management systems, are created with WordPress

Why use a content management system?

Simply put a content manager is a software package that facilitates the creation, management, publishing and distribution of content online.

Depending on the needs and capabilities of the client, the content manager can be configured to be used by a specialized webmaster or be so simple and intuitive that can be used effectively without the need for technical expertise.

Advantages in content management

Create new content and articles quickly using an interface very similar to a Word document

Update images and content at the moment, even from mobile devices or your email


Interfaz de administración de Joomla

Web development

Web Design: modern, attractive and flexible websites.

All our websites are self-manageable, adapted to mobile devices (responsive) and are optimized so that they are well positioned in Search Engines.

Exceptional web sites are a combination of the right message and the right technology. Our interactive website approach focuses on ease of use, impact and results. SmartGeoWeb is a company focused in the usability, the conversions and the experience of the user when browsing your web.

It doesn´t matter if is is for an established or a new organization or company, you can trust us to express who you are or what you do. And, most important of all, why all that matters - in an appealing way.


The creation of a web site is a complex process that we make simple. We won't overwhelm you with technical explanations. In SmartGeoWeb we focus on helping you meet your goals, making what we do: Fast, intuitive, easy-to-find webpages that attract and retain visitors.

One of the most frequently asked questions our customers ask us is: once the web is finished, can I upload photos, news or products? All our websites feature a (CMS) content management system that will allow you to manage the content of your page as simply as if you wrote a document in Word or uploaded a photo to Facebook.


The main content management systems we use are Joomla and Wordpress. Any of these content managers will allow you easy management of your web page:


View demo for Joomla


View Demo for Wordpress


The wide variety of available designs can help you to choose a design for your website, if you do not have it clear.

It is more economical to develop a website from a template. That allows us to offer best prices, without affecting the level of customization that our customers require.

Finally, we must stress that any web design we implement will always be adapted to the customer´s corporate image.


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